Dr. Richard Strauss – Ohio State Sex Abuse Case

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I wanted to talk a little bit about The Ohio State University and the rough week they had. They are involved in an awful sex abuse scandal. Dr. Strauss, who killed himself in 1995, molested upwards of 3,000 kids about 20 or 30 years ago. He was the physician for the wresting team but he didn’t just molest wrestlers. He molested boys across all sports.

I know all of this because there’s a class action lawsuit related to that and I’m the lawyer. Ohio State is trying as hard as they can to kick the case out of court.

The reason it was such a tough week for Ohio state was because of two things.
1. George Clooney announced that he is going to produce a docuseries based on the case. His decision stems from the Sports Illustrated article from about six months ago or so where the author called this the grizzliest, longest running, most horrible NCAA sex abuse case in history that nobody’s talking about. And, they’re not talking about it. If you look at the Michigan State case, that got talked about because it involved girl gymnasts. If you look at the Penn State case, that got talked about because it involved kids. But this case involves boys. No one’s talking about it but that doesn’t make it okay.
2. Esquire Magazine put out a huge exposit on the case. Scott Raab, a famous author who happens to be my cousin, wrote it. It was a scathing article talking all about what happened at Ohio State and how the school kept this case quiet and secret, moved the doctor around, enabled him, empowered him, and elevated him. They did everything but get rid of him and own what they did.

Hopefully these developments will get the case moving. I don’t know that they will but they can only help.

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